Citrus qitro v.14 h.30

Model: 333845

1.600 LEK

Megatek offers you a wide range of fruit with curative properties.The benefits of grape fruit are many and indisputable. This tropical tree, among other things, helps in the loss of excess kilograms, while scientists believe that the effect of the graft is related to its impact on lowering the level of insulin in the bloodstream. Insulin helps in the metabolism of sugar and the better the metabolism of sugar, the greater the likelihood that it will become a reserve of fatty mass in the body. According to this study, shootings, especially redness, can help reduce cholesterol.

  • Scientific name : Citrus qitro
  • Exposure : It is a plant outdoor environment
  • Watering : The ground is kept wet but must avoid excessive watering in winter.
  • Terrein : It is used a terrain-based on soil fertilezer or humus and clay.
  • Fertilziers : During the growth, the plant is fed every week with specific fertilizer
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