Installment Purchases

Not all wishes are in our pockets, however in Megatek you can already fulfill many of them, being for your home, family or  even yourself, in just a few clicks! Browse the entire collection of over 82,000 products online at and if your finances still can't cover everything that you want, do not worry! Online or in the Hypermarket, at Megatek you can find different ways of financing for installment purchases.


Online within 7 minutes with Iute Credit

Iute Credit offers you great convenience in your installment purchases thanks to the speed, security and high acceptance of customers. Online you can easily apply for a consumer loan purchase approval of up to 24 months in installments depending on the amount you need to purchase the product. Immediately after filling in your personal details and submitting the application, Iute Credit employees will contact you to notify you about the approval of the consumer loan. The whole approval process takes place in just 7 minutes, and you can then purchase products online at! The maximum amount for which you can apply for installment purchase with Iute Credit is 400,000 Lekë. To apply for an installment purchase with Iute Credit we invite you to click on the link:


Funding opportunities in the Hypermarket

In addition to the possibility of installment purchases through Iute Credit, in Hypermarket you can apply for consumer loans thanks to NOA or Raiffeisen Bank. The installment process with NOA and Raiffeisen will be enabled by the dedicated support in the Hypermarket. Everything you need to know about installment purchases thanks to relevant financial institutions, as well as any necessary information regarding the terms or conditions of the purchase will be provided to you immediately during the purchase process at Megatek.


BKT Prima Card

For all BKT users, another option is to use the BKT Prima card to make installment purchases without prior approval at the Hypermarket checkout. Depending on the terms you have agreed with the bank, you will also pay for your purchase installments.


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