Services offered in Hypermarket



Project, ideas and designs for every home or business setting. Our dedicated architects are pleased to help you free of charge every weekday from 08.00-20.00.



On the furthest right hand corner of Megatek Hypermarket, at the wood department, you will find the carpentry corner, where our staff will cut and prepare for free the wooden plates and beams according to your specific measurements. Also with the help of our architects you can create personalized furniture according to your home setting.



In every department of Megatek you will find Info Points where you will be assisted from our staff on the use and application of different products. Megatek provides you with contacts that offer further technical assistance post-purchase.



Megatek offers you special transportation tariffs to any Albanian territory for the goods purchased in our store. Please refer to our services staff next to the store exit for special tariff on goods transportation. Click here for more information.



At our paints department you will have an opportunity to select your colors and mix them for free. The experts on the department will help you to choose the right nuances, based on your decorating scheme. Not only will you be able to mix paints, but you will get assistance in how to apply paints, putty, and different decors yourselves.



At Megatek you can find a dedicated space for kids with professional staff on the left of the entrance of the Hypermarket. For purchases over 7.000 Lek, the service is offered without additional fees.



You can always stay connected while at Megatek with our free Wi-Fi service.



You can use the Megatek facilities to pack or gift wrap your purchases at the packing desk- after check–out. Self-service.



There are over 300 parking spots with dedicated handicapped spaces located nearest to the BAR & entrances of the store.



The Pharmacy department offers the service of measuring blood glucose (diabetes), measuring blood pressure and measuring your weight and height. You can also get advice from our pharmacists.



When you need a break from shopping or just need to relax then head to the Café located near the main entrance of the store.



At the entrance to the Hypermarket you can find Alpha Bank and Tirana Bank ATM at your disposal.

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