Teqja Group

Since its beginning in 1992, under the leadership of its founder and owner Mr. Dionis Teqja the Teqja Group has grown into a market leader in multiple industries. Using their best experience in the Albanian market, sound business management and international best practices, the company began expanding in 1995 bringing new products to the market as well as expanding into new industries.  Throughout its history, the Teqja Group has been successful because of its hand-on management approach and its understanding of the Albanian market and consumer. 

Members of Teqja Group

Teqja International - Plastic pipes production

Teqja International was the first joint stock company established by the group in early 1992. It was the first company in the Albanian market to initiate the trade of construction materials during the developmental phase of the free market in the country.

Following its success in this field, the company partnered with the Albanian American Enterprise Fund, established by the U.S. Congress to help develop post-communist Albania, to establish the first Plastic factory in Albania.

The manufacturing focused on  pipe production across all applications but mainly those designated for drinking water supply, drainage, irrigation, sewage and natural gas. 

The facility was built in 1995, with an investment of $11 million with the Albanian American Enterprise Fund as a 24% shareholder and the Teqja Group as a 76% shareholder. At the present time, the shareholder of the company is 100% owned by Teqja Group. This company still leads the Albanian market, has expanded into neighboring markets and operates according to europian Quality Management Standard.

Tnt Express Albania Mail, Logistic, Forwarding and Custom Agent

In 2002, the Teqja Group brought one of the best known international brands, TNT, to Albania. TNT Express Albania contributed in bringing in the country the philosophy associated with the brand: Sure We Can. The Teqja Group is the owner and operator of TNT Express in Albania.

With a considerable knowledge in the express and mail delivery services industry, combined with local market experience, the Teqja Group has made TNT a leader in Albania as the best courier service company. TNT provides for access to the Albanian market to an international delivery network serving over 200 other counties worldwide.

TNT’s network in Albania includes 60 locations throughout the country, a 5000 square meter logistic warehouse over 200 delivery vehicles and 270 employs. Furthermore, TNT works in direct concert to give its customers specialized solutions to their delivery and shipping needs.

Global Invest - Construction and investment Company

Global invest is an “A” class engineering and construction company. A pioneering in the field for over 18 years, GC offers a wide array of construction and design services for private and public projects. GC operates civil and industrial construction projects and has developed projects as diverse as special government buildings, shopping malls, commercial and residential buildings, roads and drinking water supply facilities.

GC targets and has the experience to work with sophisticated costumers in both the private and public sector who value high quality, safety and technical expertise.

The success of GC is its experienced management and construction team. This team has built a solid long term business with a well-known brand and solid reputation that meets each costumer’s needs and expectations. Starting from 2017 global invest is diversifying its field of operation with focus in innovation and modern technology to became a global multipurpose company.

Our motto is “ Quality First!”

Megatek - Do it Right. Do it yourself

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Megatek is the biggest and most successful DIY hypermarket chain in Albania.

When customers think “HOME” they should think “MEGATEK” as the best source for selection, value oriented pricing and excellent customer service. For most people, their home is the biggest financial and emotional investment they make. If you are a handyman or a handywoman we can help you on making your projects a success! MEGATEK can implement and designed all kind of projects needed for your home or your business.

Megatek encourages, informs, inspires and shows people how to construct or transform their home into a unique and personalized expression of themselves.

Megatek is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. until 22 p.m. and sells more than 82,000 products from 67 different countries. Megatek occupies more than 62.000m2: 25.000m2 retail area + 12.000m2 wholesale area + 2.100m2 restaurant and play ground + 1.600m2 offices + Parking Facilities.

Our philosophy is simple: to deliver superior customer service. We are working to make our store a place where customers always feel welcomed, and find the help they need, whether you've got a complex project or simple question, we are there for you.

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