“AMBASADOR E” Wood Stove with central heating 20-22 KW, 490x460x1050 mm

Model: 69159

52.000 LEK

BLIST solid fuel stoves are designed in a way to enable efficient combustion of solid fuels with the possibility of adjusting and regulating the amount of input air required for the combustion process. The stove consists of parts from steel, with doors and top plate made of cast iron or steel (depending on the model of the stove), and the grate in the combustion chamber made of cast iron. All stoves are plated inside with schamotte bricks, which provides long-term heat accumulation. The stoves are painted with special heat resistant paint. The glass on the door is the first class heat resistant ceramic glass.The stoves are designed for space heating of a wide spectrum such as living rooms, offices, restaurants, schools, garages, warehouses, etc.The glass must not be cleaned with wet cloth nor sprinkled with water when is hot. Otherwise, the glass may crack. Very cold objects should not be placed on the top plate when is hot. Otherwise the top plate may crack. Do not use alcohol, petrol or any other liquid fuel. Some parts of the stove can reach very high temperatures during operation the stove,thus it is required adequate precaution while using the stove. Do not allow children to handle and play near the stove.It is made up of a 22 liter bolier and normal output to water 15-17 kw.

  • Width : 49 cm
  • Height : 105 cm
  • Weight : 98 Kg
  • Brand : Blist
  • Color : Black
  • Frame Material : Stainles Steel
  • Burning chamber material : Stainles Steel Tulla schamotte
  • Front holder for wood : Yes
  • Depth : 46 cm
  • Pole diameter : 120 mm
  • Surface covering : 250 m2
  • Deposit capacity : 22 l
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