Anvil prunner, for thick brenches, LOWE, aluminium/steel

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In the area of the pruning shears the anvil principle - pulling cut against Fixed support - has proven its worth and allows a robust use of the scissors At low weight. The Teflon-coated blade protects against corrosion and offers the best Sliding properties for a light cut. Due to the small opening angle of the handle tubes up to 90 ° and maximum opening The scissor head is easy to handle and also ensures Approached to branches which are difficult to access without arms being overhung. Suitable for: Viticulture, fruit growing, gardening and landscaping, tree nurseries, forestry Height: 65cm Cutting Ø 45 mm Weight: 990 g
Technical specification
  • Material: Steel/Aluminium
  • Measures: N/A
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