Cordless pruning shears, 40 mm, 36 V, 4 Ah, 1 battery

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Built with the main focus on making pruning work easier and progressing as quickly as possible during the work done. Built from the highest quality materials. With excellent resistance to multiple uses. With a 36 V battery and high cutting capacity with a single charge only. With the possibility of cutting branches and tails of medium thickness. Completely independent of the human hand. The element of the stick, enables extension to the highest point of the fruit tree and the use of the shears from the foot located at the lower level of the extension stick. With just a single press of the foot, it ensures cutting of the entire branch. Ideal for further development of your green space and fast progress during pruning.
Technical specification
  • Working capacity: 40 mm
  • Battery capacity: 36 V, 4 Ah
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