Ctenanthe setosa v.12 h.40

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Like all houseplants, caring for calathea plants begins with the soil. Tropical plants need soil that retains moisture but also drains well. Without good drainage, the roots will rot. Lack of water will cause the leaves to curl. When potting your newly acquired plant, care should be taken to water thoroughly, allowing the excess to drain from the bottom. Since then, the plant should be kept moist, not wet. Fertilize occasionally with a liquid fertilizer solution. Many gardeners mistakenly believe that high heat and strong light are necessary requirements for the calathea houseplant and its tropical cousins. However, most tropical sites only need temperatures above 13 degrees C to survive and temperatures around 21 degrees C to thrive. These plants grow in the shade of the lower tropics and do not need strong light. The diffused light should be sufficient.
Technical specification
  • Scientific name: Ctenanthe setosa
  • Temperature: Abundant indirect light 15 to 27°C
  • Terrain: Indoor plant soil mix, well drained
  • Watering: Almost dry out between watering.
  • Fertilizer: Universal fertilizer, liquid or granular
  • Ambient: indoor plant
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