Fireproof paint for wood, Nirlat, FR900, 1 L, transparent

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12,500 Lekë
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One-component product, produced with water base. Suitable for application in wood and its by-products, textile, cardboard. The special paint creates a protective surface, a surface which is resistant to flames and eliminates the ignition of materials during the presence of fire. The water base makes the product non-toxic and harmful for people, animals and the environment. The paint is applied to well-cleaned surfaces with a brush, paint roller and air guns. The paint requires direct contact with the wood, or the material to be applied, for this reason, its application on painted surfaces is not recommended. The paint does not change the color of the applied surface. After applying the flame-resistant paint, it is not recommended to apply varnish or dyes on it.
Technical specification
  • Packing: 1 L
  • Coverage: 6 m2/ Lt, 2 coats
  • Color: Transparent
  • Model: Flame retardant
  • Brand: Nirlat
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