Persian rug, Size: 75x120 cm Color: Red-blue, Material: Acrylic

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Persian Star runner comes to you with a wonderful fusion, like a 100% handcrafted artwork that passes to the various color tonalities of the blue and red, finely melted and naturally part of your classic or modern style environment To which prevails venge, rover, white color. Handicrafts and 100% special material are the guarantee that we offer. Warm your environment with lovers, add the quality why not the values, traditionally intertwined with the modern, create the contrast of cool colors, characteristic of the modern style with the warmth transmitted by the acrylic material, characteristic of the classic style. Combine beautifully the carpet wallpaper with white furniture and your residential environment will completely take another look. Professional cleaning. Stains can be easily cleaned. Can be washed, with little care you can increase the lifespan of your carpet. Quality control is certifiedcertified
Technical specification
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Length: 120
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