Egg boiler, Alpina, 320-380W, 7 eggs

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Nice eggs for breakfast? With the Alpina egg cooker there is room to cook up to 7 eggs at the same time. The use is very simple and fast. You no longer have to bring a pan of water to the boil, you simply place the desired amount of eggs in the egg rack of the electric egg boiler. Use the supplied measuring cup to add the correct amount of cold water, depending on whether you want the eggs soft, medium or hard boiled. Then you turn the button on. Thanks to the warning sound, you can hear when the eggs have finished cooking. The egg boiler has a non-slip bottom and overheating protection. In addition to the electric egg cooker, the package contains an egg piercer, egg rack and measuring cup.
Technical specification
  • Type: Egg boiler
  • Capacity: 7 eggs
  • Power: 380 W
  • Brand: Alpina
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