Insect rejector bulb, Grundig, 6W, LED/UV, E27, 380 lm, 3500 K, 220-240V

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No more annoying mosquitoes! This 2-in-1 insect lamp attracts flying pests such as moths, flies and mosquitoes via UV light. The lamp lures these insects directly to a shielded high-voltage grid that electrocutes them. You screw the mosquito lamp indoors into your existing fixture. With its subtle white color with a soft purple light, it fits in almost any interior. You choose whether you want the LED and UV lighting to work together or whether you only activate the insect repellent function. Useful, for example, to turn off the white lighting at night, while the high-voltage grid continues to work with only subtle purple-blue light. Never wake up with mosquito bites again! Installing the lamp is very easy. You screw the insect lamp into the standard, large fitting of your existing fixture. Because of the operation of the lamp, it is of course important that the lamp remains accessible to insects. Click on the light switch and both the light and insect repellent functions turn on. Do you only want to activate the insect control and switch off the lighting yourself? Click the light switch on, then off and on again. The destruction function is on when you see the blue LED light.
Technical specification
  • Lighting type: 3500 K
  • Type: Insect rejector bulb
  • Lamp holder: E27
  • Lamp type: LED
  • Power: 6 W
  • Luminous flux: 380 lm
  • Brand: Grundig
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