Toilet seat, duroplast, i bardhë, 35.6x41.8 cm

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Toilet seat with lid, made of polypropylene material, with dimensions of 35.6x41.8 cm, in white color. The constituent material has antibacterial properties, it is comfortable and easy to clean, making this product suitable for use in environments where high standards of hygiene are required, such as public buildings, hotels, schools, medical clinics, etc. The hinge mechanism consists of plastic parts and chrome-plated metal parts. It is recommended not to use abrasive detergents, solvents or detergents based on acid or alkaline content, to clean this product.
Technical specification
  • Color: White
  • Hinges included: Yes
  • Material: Duroplast
  • Width on axe: 16 cm
  • Width: 35.6 cm
  • Length on axe: 18 cm
  • Length: 41.8 cm
  • Brand: MSV
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