FILTER 9 3/4 FA 20 MIC

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Water filter cartridge, Duna 9 3/4 FA20 model, with woven threads made of polypropylene material, with dimensions of 24.7x6.1x2.8 cm, with a maximum water flow capacity of 1.5 m3/hour. The cartridge is used to filter and clean the water by eliminating sediment, rust, scale, sand, silt and solid impurities which are up to 20 µm in size. It is recommended to use it for a period of up to 4 months, however the life of the filter depends on the frequency of use and the quality and conditions of the water. This product is suitable for filters with dimensions of 31x12x3.2 cm (code 46221). Rinse the filter with 3.8 liters of water before use and then use it regularly.
Technical specification
  • Color: White
  • Material: Wool/plastic
  • Width: 5.5 cm
  • Diameter: 3 cm
  • Type: Water filter
  • Length: 25 cm
  • Brand: Aqua filter
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